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Hypothermia - Do you know what to do?

hypo for web.jpgSay you're on a snowmobile and go through the ice - Do you know what to do? Memorial University PHD studio Farrell Cahill is an expert on hypothermia. He's one of the only thermo-regulatory physiologists in the province. Ramona Dearing spoke to Farrell Cahill and he began by defining hypothermia:

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Crosstalk - Quitting smoking

smoking-8col.jpgA study released late last week offers new encouragement for smokers who want to quit. Today on Crosstalk, we're asking if it really is as hard to quit smoking as everyone says. In our Corner Brook studio, a woman who knows exactly what it's like. Late last summer, Andrea Green quit smoking. Also with us, Mary Lynn Pender. She's the director of Smokers' Help Line - It's run by the Nfld and Labrador Lung Association.


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