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The case of the midding Haggis.

Butcher Mike McGowan (The Western Star).jpgMike McGowan, a butcher in Corner Brook is supposed to supply the haggis for tonight's annual Robbie Burns Night tonight.  ....tonight's the big night, but there's still no sign of the haggis. Mike McGowan joins us on the line from Corner Brook.

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Trivia Master Mack Furlong.jpgCROSSTALK:  Good news, everyone: Mack is back. Mack Furlong, that is. With another (weird and) wonderful edition of Trivia. He's got questions for you. You've got questions for him. Ramona, with a glad heart, hands out the prizes. Is there anything not to like? Phone in or tweet!

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12:25-1:30 Nfld / 11:55-1 Lab

Eton FRX1 Radio.jpgAll callers today will have their names put into a draw for an ETON FRX1 portable radio.


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