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Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth put forward the motion to study the rights of the fetus.

 It calls for a committee to look at when human life begins. The bill was defeated by a wide margin. If it had passed, it could have led to a review of Canada's abortion laws. The list of federal cabinet ministers who voted in favour of the bill include Intergovernment Affairs Minister Peter Penashue. And Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose. We've reached the president of the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women.
Linda Ross is on the line:

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Prote Poker, seen during a 2008 interview, has been elected grand chief of the Innu Nation. (CBC).jpgRadio Noon Crosstalk:  You've heard CBC reporting on some problems in the community of Natuashish, from children sniffing gasoline to allegations that alcohol was smuggled in for this week's election. Here's our question for you: will our Innu communities have a happier future? Ramona's guests are Prote Poker, the new grand chief of the Innu Nation; and journalist and author Marie Wadden.

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