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What happened to our nice weather?

David Philips, Senior Climatologist with Environmant Canada.jpgIt's nice in parts of NL but on the East Coast it's grey and foggy. Guest Host Maggie Gillis speaks with David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

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Mayor Ernest Simms.jpgNo good news in store for St. Anthony. It was just announced that the Coast Guard vessel, Harp - based in the town - is being de-commissioned. We've reached the Mayor of St. Anthony Ernest Simms for comment.

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Glenn Redmond.jpgCrosstalk: I'm Maggie Gillis, hosting Radio Noon on Monday. If you've got a dog with obedience problems, call in and get some help. Animal behaviourist Glenn Redmond http://www.billynudgels.com/dog_cat_care_facility.htm will be in studio. Maybe your puppy is eating all your shoes. Or you've got a dog that barks all the time. Or growls at other dogs. Give us a call. And Glenn's got tips on handling cats, too.

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