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M-P Gerry Bryne reaction to a Comment from the Mayor of St. Anthony.

ByrneGerry_Lib.jpgM-P Gerry Bryne on whether there's bad blood between him and the Mayor of St. Anthony Ernest Simms.

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CricketNL.jpgCricket revival. (Pic Courtesy of Canada Cricket http://www.canadacricket.com/nlcricket/) If you're looking for a new sport to try out, consider cricket. It used to be very popular here, and now there's a revival underway. Ashwin Gupta is the secretary of the board of directors for Cricket Newfoundland and Labrador.  

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Crosstalk: We're asking if there's racism in Nfld and Lab. There's certainly been a lot of controversy this week, after some ugly comments about Labrador Innu were posted on Facebook. Ramona's guests are educator Kanani Davis and Remzi Cej, the chair of the NL Human Rights Commission.

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