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A lethal blow to Regional Economic Development Boards.

nlreda_logo.pngRoxanne Notley is the executive director of the Southeastern Aurora Development Corporation in Labrador. We've reached her in Port Hope Simpson. Linda Randell is executive director of the Nordic Economic Development Corporation on the Northern Peninsula. We've reached her in Roddickton. http://www.nlreda.ca/ 

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ta-on-ladder-again.jpgTA Loeffler has made two attempts at climbing Mount Everest. So when she heard about the climbing tragedy on the weekend, she had goosebumps. We've got TA Loeffler on the line for her thoughts. http://taloeffler.com/ 

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Crosstalk: There's lots on the go in Nfld and Lab: including the closure of the Maritime Russell Wangersky.jpgRescue Sub-Centre in St. John's, along with other federal cuts, and the on-going calls for an inquiry into Burton Winters' death. Our question for you: Are our politicians speaking up enough for Nfld and Lab? Ramona's guest is Russell Wangersky, the editorial page editor with The Telegram newspaper. http://www.thetelegram.com/ 

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Call in with your thoughts.

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12:35-1:30 Nfld / 12:05-1 Lab

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