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Improving the Province's Methadone Program.

One pharmacist says the existing program is just a band-aid approach and it needs to be overhauled. Radio Noon's Producer Jo-Ann Dooley is here with more.

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Radio Noon Archives - Christine Davies will be here in a few minutes with amazing archival tape about a shipwreck leading to a thousand mile walk for survival.

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Crosstalk - It's a gardening day! On this program we'll focus on organic gardening techniques, with guest expert Sarah Crocker and Mike Rabinowitz. Check out their websites at http://www.seedtospoon.ca/ and http://www.theorganicfarm.net/ . We're looking for your best tips, and your questions about how to handle bugs and weeds the organic way.

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Dorothy Clemens' slug jam:

1 tsp jam

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

Form it into a paste and smear inside an open-ended tomato juice can with lots of holes in it.

Maria Gosse's beer-saving slug bait:

Fill a margarine tub or yogurt container 1/3 full of water, to which 1 tsp of baker's yeast and 1 tsp molasses have been added, along with some dishsoap to make it too slippery for them to crawl out