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Radio Noon - Thursday April 26, 2012

Bad Roads: An on-line survey by the Canadian Auto Association says five of the top ten worst roads in Atlantic Canada are in this province.  Two are on the Bay D'Espoir Highway. Eric Skinner is the mayor of Harbour Breton

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Fluorspar jewelery: Fluorspar was mined in St. Lawrence for years, and it left a terrible legacy of industrial disease because workers weren't properly protected. But the mineral itself is a rainbow of colours - pinks, greens and gold - and a small group of adults on the Burin Peninsula with challenging needs are creating something beautiful with St. Lawrence fluorspar.  Freelance reporter Fred Dodge has that story.

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Crosstalk: Sentences for impaired drivers - we're asking whether they're tough enough.  Our guest on the program is Josephine Gaulton-Rowe, the president of the chapter of M.A.D.D. in Western Labrador. 

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