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Radio Noon - Tuesday March 13, 2012

nl-phillips-lanier-201202hi.jpgThere's a lot to celebrate about the life of Lanier Phillips. The American who adopted St. Lawrence after the Truxton and Pollux disaster died yesterday. Today, Christine Davies traces how being rescued in St. Lawrence compelled him to become part of the Civil Rights movements in the States. http://www.batteryradio.com/

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A Mom who vows to fight to keep the school in Catalina open. The school in Catalina holds about 150 students from K - 8 and it could soon be on the chopping block. Adele Mclaughlin has three children at Catalina Elementary. We reached her by phone.

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Crosstalk: We're going to meet some high school students who say a surprising number of teens use tanning beds. Should tanning beds should be banned for teens under the age of 19? We'll hear arguments on both sides of this one, including dermatologist Ian Landells.

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