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Radio Noon - Monday March 12, 2012

nl-tsb-cougar-wreck-1[1].jpgToday we remember the victims of Cougar - Flight 491. It's the third anniversary of the helicopter crash. Tomorrow also marks a somber anniversary.
On the thirteenth of March, 1985, another offshore chopper also plunged into the icy Atlantic. Six people died when a Bell two-fourteen S-T Universal helicopter crashed in Placentia Bay. There's never been a full explanation of what caused that accident. Here's some tape from our archives, dating back to March 1985.

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The Christian Brothers Institute is going bankrupt. So where does that leave the men who have been seeking compensation for years? Geoff Budden is a lawyer in Mount Pearl who is handling most of the local claims.

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Crosstalk: Is it time to legalize marijuana? We want your thoughts on this one. Our guest is former federal health minister and former BC premier Ujjal Dosanjh, who says it's past time to make the change. Phone in with your opinions.

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