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Radio Noon - Monday February 13, 2012

li-feb-storm-460.jpgPeople in the St. John's area are mopping up. Residents were pummelled  was 65 millimetres of rain driven by 95 kilometres winds. Drivers are already noticing the big potholes that opened up and the spots where road shoulders washed away. A lot of people are going to be dealing with the aftermath of flood damage for a long time.  Craig Langille is the owner of Winmar - St. John's and he has had a lot of calls for help. He joins us on phone.

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An off-duty volunteer firefighter is being hailed as a hero.  Robert Doyle is a volunteer fire chief who happenned to be in the right place at the right time early Sunday morning. To fill us in we are joined on phone with Don Byrne, who is the Shift Supertendant with the St. John's Regional Fire Department.

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Crosstalk: On our crosstalk phone-in today we're taking a closer look at living in a "have" province. New subdivisions, more traffic, higher rents. Those are just a few of the changes that go along with a booming economy. Has prosperity changed St. John's? Our guests are actor and writer Greg Malone and businesswoman Nikki Temple.

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