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PEYTONBIO-thumb-115x115-169612.jpgGander Native Brad Peyton has a big-budget Hollywood movie opening tomorrow: Brad Peyton has taken his career all the way from Gander to Hollywood. It started with his short film Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl. It got noticed by Tom Hanks and now he's the director behind a big budget adventure film, Journey 2 Mysterious Island. Host maggie Gillis reached Brad by phone. http://www.themysteriousisland.com/

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There's labour strife at Ocean Choice International: FFAW members were locked out earlier this week and now replacement workers are aboard the off-shore trawler the Newfoundland Lynx. What do you make of the labour situation at OCI? Is the use of replacement workers just part of doing business or should there be anti-scab legislation?

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