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Suzanne Woolridge.jpgCBC Producer and Arts reporter Suzanne Woolridge died yesterday: Today on the show, we celebrate the accomplishments of one of the bright lights here at CBC. Suzanne Woolridge passed away last night and today the arts community is remembering her contribution. We are joined in Studio with Amy House and Sandy Morris.

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Manitoba Hydro gives a cautious thumb's up to the Muskrat Falls project: Manitoba Hydro's report on Muskrat Falls has just been released.The report concludes that the Labrador link is a lower cost option than other alternatives. BUT Manitoba Hydro's endorsement comes with some words of caution. CBC Reporter David Cochrane caught up with Kathy Dunderdale this morning at Memorial University.

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CROSSTALK: There's a debate over the value of early detection of prostate cancer. That's just one of the many questions you can put to our experts: Darrell Yetman of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Network, as well as urologist Christopher French and radiation oncologist Jinka Sathya. 

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