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MARINE ATLANTIC RATE HIKES: Fares, accommodations and food on board Marine Atlantic are all going up. That means a one-way ticket for a family of four travelling from Port aux Basques will now cost $224.77, up 4% from $209.38 last year. Peter Fenwick owns the Inn At The Cape, http://www.innatthecape.com/ at Cape St. George. He joins Host Maggie Gillis on phone.

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FRIDAY THE 13TH: Ever wonder why Friday the 13th is the unluckiest day of the year. We are joined on phone with MUN Folkore Professor Dr. Philip Hiscock.

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CROSSTALK: We're casting off into the cozy world of knitting today, with the one and only Shirley Scott. She's a top notch knitter and designer, with a passion and enthusiasm that's hard to match. How does knitting benefit you? What do you get out of it...besides a snug new hat or handy homemade Christmas gift? What are you working on right now? 

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