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New Dental Program for Adults: Do you qualify for the new dental program for adults? We'll explain how it works.

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A Plant Worker in Port Union tries to figure out what to do Now? A month ago, dozens of people Port Union ran a chain across the front of the fish plant. They were protesting OCI's decision to close it. One of the people there was long-time plant worker Peggy Stagg. At the time, she said she was an optimist, and that she believed the plant would reopen. We've got Peggy Stagg on the line to check back in.

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CROSSTALK: People used to phone each other for chats all the time. But these days there are lots of alternatives, such as texting. And lots of people seem too busy to gab on the telephone. Which leads to our question: Do you still talk on the phone as much as you used to? Our guests are Jan Dymond and Chris Sheppard. One uses the phone all the time. One hardly ever. Pick up the phone and give us a shout!

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