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There'll be NO "no checking Hockey league": Efforts to start a no-checking league on the Avalon Peninsula for young hockey players have failed. Ramona contacted Don Power, president of the Northeast Minor Hockey League to help explain why.

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Metrobus wants to bring in campus-wide bus passes to get post-secondary students using the service: But the student union at MUN says not so fast. Ramona is joined on phone with Michael Walsh, Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications and Research for Memorial University's Student Union.

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CROSSTALK: Do you think of the weather in Celcius, but your weight in pounds? Do you buy carpet by the metre but measure your height in feet and inches?  We're going to have some fun with this show.  Our main question: Do you use the Metric system, the Imperial system, or both?  Ramona's guest is Dave Rudofsky, who sold Metric conversion calculators back in the '70s.

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