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Radio Noon Wednesday October 12 2011

Torngat Mountains
One of the big upsets last night was in the district of Torngat Mountains, on the north coast of Labrador. Liberal MHA Randy Edmunds unseated Aboriginal Affairs Minister Patty Pottle.
And he did it even though he didn't have much of a travel budget during the campaign.
We've reached Randy Edmunds in Makkovik.
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Lost by only 40 votes
Julie Mitchell came within a hair's breath of squeezing out Conservative cabinet minister Clyde Jackman last night. She lost by only 40 votes in the district of Burin-Placentia West. And had she won the seat, it would have made things very interesting. Because the NDP and the Liberals would have been tied at 6 seats each. Raising interesting questions about which party would have been named the official opposition.
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Radio Noon Crosstalk

Today on the show:

Should Kevin Aylward stay on as leader of the provincial Liberals?

Guest: John Efford

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