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Radio Noon Thursday October 13, 2011

Coptic Christians

Egyptian Christians in this province are very worried about their friends and families back home. Twenty-five Coptic Christians were killed in Cairo over the weekend in clashes with the military. Nashwa Shenouda is a doctor in Grand Falls-Windsor. She's one of the 3 dozen or so Coptic Christians who moved here to escape persecution from the Moslem majority. Dr. Shenouda speaks with Leigh Anne Power of the Central Morning Show.

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Gros Morne Hunter

For the first time ever, hunters are getting moose in two national parks. The cull is to reduce deforestation in Terra Nova and Gros Morne National Parks. The hunt will prove to be a challenge for hunters, because they can't use ATVs to get their moose out of the parks. Peter Bull of Steady Brook is one of the people planning to get a moose. He's got a tag for an animal from Gros Morne National Park. And he's planning to use a lot of muscle power to get his moose. We've got Peter on the line now.

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Last week, a dog that has been described as a pitbull attacked and killed a toy poodle in St. John's.  And that's why we're asking whether so-called aggressive breeds of dogs should be banned?  Ramona's guest is Susan Deir, the manager of the St. John's SPCA. And an owner of a pitbull dog.

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