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Radio Noon airs Daily from 12:00 - 1:30 in NL and from 11:30 - 1:00 in parts of Labrador. To particpate in our Crosstalk feature call in at 722-7111 or toll free 1-800-563-8255.

Carbon monoxide poisoning claimed the life of an elderly couple in Conception Bay North this week: We'll tell you how to protect your family. Ramona speaks with Richard Murphy, the former fire chief for Conception Bay South.

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Pregnant women in Labrador West will be able to have their babies at the local hospital after all: Ramona speaks with expectant Mom Andrea Fry

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RADIO NOON CROSSTALK: The average age for a woman having a baby in Canada is 29. There was a time when that would be considered not so young. Now lots of women are having babies in their 40s, and lots of men are becoming dads later in life as well. Our question for you: are people waiting too late to have children? Ramona's guests-Brenda O'Brien and Lloyd Pike-have both had children a little later in life, and they have lots of interesting things to say. 

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