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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Thurs Oct 2, 2014

It's an incredible landmark for a remarkable show: CBC Television's Land and Sea is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And we're asking you if you have favourite episodes. Pauline Thornhill and Dave Quinton will be in studio to take your calls!

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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Wed Oct 1, 2014

Here's our question for you: are you seeing plastics in ponds or in the ocean? There's lots of it there, and it's having an impact on wildlife and possibly even human health. Ramona's guest is MUN sociologist Max Liboiron, who is trying to track the places where plastic is winding up in the water here. Phone in!

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Crosstalk: Tuesday Sept 30, 2014 restaurants in Newfoundland and Labrador expensive? 
Ramona's guest is food critic Karl Wells (, who is a columnist with The Telegram, and also the host of One Chef, One Critic. 
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Coming up on crosstalk: Monday September 29

Do you have a story to tell about your Town?

Tale of a Town Canada is a transmedia storytelling initiative that celebrates people and places through the gathering, mapping and theatrical presentation of our living memories of main streets and downtowns across Canada.
The story mobile has already been in Labrador. Now it's in St. john's. Charles Ketchabaw is with Tale of a Town. He's looking forward to hearing your stories about shops that are no longer there and the store owners who made shopping such an unforgettable experience.

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Today on Crosstalk: September 26

Thane Dunn.jpgMake sure you pull those blue suede shoes out of the closet. You might want to dust off that white sequinned pant-suit too. Today's crosstalk is all about the "King of Rock and Roll" - Elvis Presley.
And Elvis will be in the CBC building....well, Elvis impersonator Thane Dunn will be here. He's a New Brunswick entertainer in St. John's with his show "Elvis on Tour."
What do you love about Elvis?  His music?  His style?  His legacy? Are you a fan?

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Coming up on crosstalk: Thursday Sept 25

With the food fishery extended, people will be out catching cod and we're hoping to share recipes on the best way to cook them. Cecil Haire will have two guest chefs in studio: Kathy Jaeger and Nicholas Giles. Let's hear your tips! How do you cook cod?

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Coming up on crosstalk: Wednesday Sept 24

Some students who work long, unpaid college or university internships while paying high tuition fees say they feel exploited and that it's time they got paid. Today's question is: Should student internships be paid or unpaid. Guest host Cecil Haire will have a panel of MUN students: Ryan Murphy, Sarah Shannon and Victoria Holmes.  

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li-hibernia-platform-620.jpgOn today's show... what's the economic boom doing for you?

Join Guest host Cec Haire with studio guests Lorne Loder Owner/Operator of Ballistic and Esteban Rivera, Projects Coordinator with the Refugee Immigrant Advisory Council (RIAC).

Coming up on crosstalk September 19

John Gushue guest hosts a trivia day with studio guest Chris Pickard. It's your turn to stump them with your know-how and they'll have a few trivia challenges for you.

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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Thurs Sept 18, 2014

Airlines in Canada are moving to start charging passengers for checked luggage.  Westjet and Porter Airlines have the fees, and Air Canada is expected to have them soon. Our question for you:  Will you pay to check your luggage on a flight? Ramona's guest is Steve Outerbridge, the president of CWT-Harvey's Travel. Phone in with your thoughts!

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