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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Mon Aug 25, 2014

Back-to-school is in the air. And we're asking if school supplies are too expensive.  Ramona's guests are both with organizations that are working to fill books bags with supplies for low-income families. Elaine Balsom is with the Single Parent Assn of NL, and April Skinner is with the Youth 2000 Centre. Phone in with your thoughts.

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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Fri Aug 22, 2014

It's all about the benefits of elbow grease today: What's the most satisfying home improvement job you've ever carried out? From something as simple as planting a couple of trees to something more complicated, such as adding on a new wing to your house, we want to hear your stories. Becki Peckham and Chris Nicholas have lots of them. They've been renovating their house...and blogging about it as they go at

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12:30-1:30 Nfld / Noon to 1 in most of Labrador

Coming Up on Crosstalk: Thurs Aug 21, 2014

The story of Lewis Kearney hit a lot of us, hard. He stole $40 worth of food because he was hungry. People have flooded him with groceries now. But there's still lots to talk about.  Do you donate to food banks? Ramona's guest is John Riche, who is looking to start a program called Reserve-a-Roast, which would help people on low incomes to get access to meat and other perishable foods. Phone in with your thoughts.

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12:30-1:30 Nfld / Noon to 1 in most of Labrador

Coming Up on Crosstalk: Wed Aug 20, 2014

Have you been reading some great books from Nfld and Labrador this summer? What's your favourite so far? Ramona's guest is Pat Parsons, the Regional Librarian for the Central Division Libraries. Call in with your recommendations. We'll have books to give away as well.

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12:30-1:30 Nfld / Noon - 1 in most of Labrador

Coming Up on Crosstalk: Tues Aug 19, 2014

It's a gardening day on the phone-in, with botanist Peter Scott!  Phone in for some expert advice if you're having any problems in your garden, from invasive weeds to clematis that's decided it's not going to bloom this year. And if you're a new gardener, Peter Scott has tonnes of useful tips for you.  Call in!

12:30-1:30 Nfld / Noon to 1 pm in most of Labrador

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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Fri Aug 15, 2014

landrover_history_title.jpgOn Sunday in St. John's, it's the big car show put off by the Newfoundland Classic and Classic Car Club. And we're asking what you love most about classic cars. Call in with guest-host Jamie Baker for a show where the good old days of fuzzy dice and big fins rule.

12:30-1:30 Nfld / Noon-1 in most of Lab

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Coming Up on Crosstalk: Thurs Aug 14, 2014

It's a musical Thursday on the phone-in, with songs from Nfld and Lab in the spotlight. Tell us why you'd like to hear a certain song from this fine place, and we'll play it so that everyone in the province can enjoy it along with you.

12:30-1:30 Nfld/Noon-1:00 in most of Labrador
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Wednesday August 13, 2014

CROSSTALK: Today's question for you is one that might just hit home: Do you worry more about your on-line security these days? From e-mail hackers to privacy issues with social media, it pays to stay on your toes. Ramona's guests can help you. They're Elizabeth Murphy, an Educational Technology Professor within Memorial University's Faculty of Education and CBC I-T professional Bernard Delurey.

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Tuesday August 12, 2014

 In our first half hour.... We're opening the phone lines with the following question... Should our Labrador Flag fly on the Labrador Border with Quebec. Or guest is Labrador City Mayor Karen Oldford.

Then at 12:30 we're opening our lines for gardening with Ross Travers.
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 If you're having any trouble with your Garden, phone in and get some of the best advice going!

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Radio Noon Crosstalk Monday August 11

On today's Crosstalk, we want to know if you went out jigging cod during this half of the food fishery.

How did it go?

See lots of fish?

Good sizes?

I'm Ramona Dearing.

And I'll be in studio with my colleague, Jamie Baker, the host of the Fisheries Broadcast.

Call in and tell us about your time on the water.