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Canada's environmental reputation in Durban

Environment Minister Peter Kent  (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

KENT.jpgDelegates from around the world are gathering in Durban South Africa for a two week summit on Climate change. They are trying to work out a binding treaty to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions.

They are also trying to resolve differences between rich and poor countries on how to fight climate change.

 Canada continues to be criticized for abandoning previous commitments.

 The Canadian government says these targets make no sense-  if the US isn't on side.

We hear from Environment Minister Peter Kent, Steven Guilbeault - the deputy director of Equiterre and the NDP Environment Critic.

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Lack of CPE spaces for low income families

LESSARD.gifDr. Richard Lessard's report found that income inequality affects health and access to services in Montreal.





Early access to public daycare helps children from low income families do better in school and live healthier lives.

Here in Quebec, children from poor neighborhoods have a harder time getting access to public, seven dollar per day, day care.

So should children from low income families get priority access to spots in pubic day care centres. Or would that be unfair to other children?

We asked Radio Noon listeners.

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