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Quebec teen's suicide blamed on bullying

raymond-marjorie-01709897.jpgThe mother of 15 year old Marjorie Raymond, says her daughter left a suicide note saying she couldn't face another day of school because of bullying. Chantal Larose is speaking out to raise awareness about intimidation in schools.

Marjorie's tragic death has triggered many questions about bullying, the warning signs, and effective ways to intervene.

Host Bernard St-Laurent speaks with Luc Allaire with the CSQ teachers union, Anne Lagacé-Dowson, executive director of the Tolerance Foundation (and former Radio Noon host), and SQ police spokesperson Geneviève Bruno.

Our listeners from across the province call in with their own experiences. We hear from a father whose daughter is being bullied and is retreating to her room, from an art teacher who is encouraging her pupils to be kind. A listener in the mental health field is concerned about the longterm stability of bullies and a committee parent tells us she couldn't get the educators at her child's school to listen. 

(photo:Canadian Press)

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