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Columnists: August 2013 Archives

In Crowd Picks - Aug 29 - Sept 2

Saturday & Sunday SONIC BOOM - August 31 - Sept 1 - Northlands
Symphony  Under the Sky - Aug 30 - September 2 - Heritage Amphitheatre, Hawrelak Park

SAT - the studio (109 ave and 166 street)  behind sapphire
Sat - Cayley Thomas - the artery

Laurie Greenwood - Oliver Sacks - Hallucinations

Oliver Sacks - Hallucinations.jpgAs in, Oliver Sacks' latest book Hallucinations is out, and our columnist Laurie Greenwood introduces us to it. What facets of the human mind is he focussing on now - well...his book is called Hallucinations.

Brian Keating in Kenya

Keating in Kenya Part 3-1.JPG
3 nights - 4 days at 10,200' ASL, or about 3,300 m, in the "Heath zone" of Mt Kenya.  Very exciting, as Dee and I climbed this mountain some 20 years ago!

This, believe it or not, is the cabin Kate and William got engaged in.

Keating in Kenya Part 3-2.JPG
This is Mike Watson, CEO of Lewa Conservancy, the "rhino ranch" as I call it.  He "popped" in on me for a high energy meeting on Lewa' s conservation work, landing his Super Cub on a small dirt strip.  I was staying at Mt Kenya's very remote Rutundu Cabins, located at 3,300 m, where the meeting occurred!