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Columnists: March 2013 Archives

In Crowd Picks - March 21-24

until - March 31 - The Kite Runner at the Citadel Theatre
until March 23 2nd - FAVA Fest 3D
Tuesday. March 26 - Hayden at Royal Alberta Museum Theatre

Friday March 22 - Denzel sings the Nat - Winspear
Friday & Saturday - An Evening with Brel - Beyond the Stage - Rice Theatre

In Crowd Picks - Mar. 14 - 17

1Into the Woods.jpgJason:
Thurs - Into the Woods - Victory School of the Arts
Sat - New Country Rehab/Mark Davis + guests - Haven Social Club

Friday - An American in Paris with the ESO at the Winspear
Sunday - St. Paddy's Day with Captain Tractor at Cook County Saloon

From Your Kitchen - Amy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crack Cookies.JPGAmy Beaith's Chocolate Chip Cookies aka. C.R.A.C.K. Cookies 

2/3 c. Salted butter, softened
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