Sally Armstrong on the Ascent of Women

Few journalists have tracked the stories of girls and women in peril ... in conflict ... in threatening traditional cultures as tirelessly as Sally Armstrong. She was the first to report the plight of women under the Taliban to Canadians, there was initial disinterest in her discovery of Serbian rape camps. But for all the horror and heartache she has documented, Sally Armstrong now sees nothing short of revolutionary change as those once victimized insist on equality, empowerment and freedom.

Journalist and Activist, Sally Armstrong

The headlines are appalling. Gang rapes in India, girls denied the right to go to school in Pakistan, the disappearance and murder of aboriginal women in Canada.

There's no shortage of evidence that women all over the world are still subjected to atrocious abuse and second-class citizenship, even in 2013. But despite that, Sally Armstrong says there is also plenty of reason for hope.

Sally Armstrong is a journalist and human rights activist. In her new book, Ascent of Women, she documents example after example of women around the world who are working together like never before in the fight for equality between the sexes ... and winning.

* And just to be up front, Sally is a friend and colleague of Anna Maria, she wrote a blurb for the back of this book.

Sally Armstrong was in Toronto and her new book Ascent of Women is available in stores today.

This segment was produced by The Current's Idella Sturino.

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