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Twelve Canadian writers are contending for the $100,000 Scotiabank Giller Prize. The Giller Prize is the richest literary prize in Canada.

The jury, comprised of Cecil Foster, John Boyne, Alexander MacLeod, Alison Pick, and Helen Oyeyemi, selected the 12 finalists from 168 books - the most ever in the prize's history - submitted by 63 different publishers.

The winner will be revealed on November 10.

The gala will be broadcast on CBC Television and live streamed on

We will be covering the shortlist LIVE right here. 

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9 poets on what makes a great poem stand out

When you're reading hundreds of poems and trying to choose the most compelling, what do you look for? We posed this question to some of the Canadian poets who have helped determine the longlist for the CBC Poetry Prize.  

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"Sit How You Want, Dear; No One's Looking" by Robin Richardson

This week we're publishing the five works on the shortlist for the CBC Poetry Prize

Love, sex and death converge in poet Robin Richardson's most personal collection to date. 

*Please note: the final poem contains mature content.

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"Bluegrass Meteorology" by Alison Smith

This week we're publishing the five works on the shortlist for the CBC Poetry Prize

In her two poems, Alison Smith probes grief and emotional inheritance in respect to the passing of her grandparents. 

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CBC Poetry Prize: "Borealis" by Pamela Porter

We've published the five poems on the shortlist for the 2013 CBC Poetry Prize. In "Borealis" a woman's infant daughter falls ill just as a blizzard begins to blow in on her remote farm.

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"On Naming and the Origin of Pity" by Cassidy McFadzean

This week we're publishing the five works on the shortlist for the CBC Poetry Prize

In her narrative poem Cassidy McFadzean tells the story of George, a towering presence in his Grade Six classroom and whose physical appearance engenders a melancholic sense of neighbourhood compassion.

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CBC Poetry Prize: "The Trailer" by James Scoles

James Scoles won the 2013 CBC Poetry Prize for "The Trailer," in which the most unloved things make for the most lovable stories.

Michif problem family among the nuclear language types	one parent 
French 	the other Cree/Salteaux		wintering words:
sliced thin, smoke-dried, pounded fine, folded in fat and berries
pemmican not pidgin or creole	combining two grammatical maps 	
paddle trade routes along waterways		traverse rapids: white and
dangerous with Ojibway women à la façon du pays	Métis traders, speak la
lawng of double genetic origin	pleasure doubled	twice the
language	twice the culture		mixta, not mixed-up, nor
muddled	but completely FrenchCreeOjibway	different tongues	
buffalo, a delicacy source language	right from the cow's mouth	mother 
of all in-group conversation	wintering camps dispersal	neither Cree, 
Salteaux nor French exactly, but something else	not less     not half
not lacking

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CBC Short Story Prize: "Longshot" by Annie Reid

A couple at the race track must decide if their relationship is worth betting on in Annie Reid's "Longshot," shortlisted for the 2014 CBC Short Story Prize.

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Authors take you behind the scenes of their latest books.

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