Sunday March 08, 2015

Gloria Steinem Interview

Gloria Steinem, photographed at an event in California in 2011, was in Washington, D.C. Monday and delivered a talk at the National Press Club. Afterwards she weighed in on the recent controversy around Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's women-only fundraiser during an interview with CBC News.
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Gloria Steinem says that early Feminists attempted to model their campaign on Mahatma Gandhi's Independence Movement - without realizing that Gandhi had modelled his campaign on the Indian Feminist movement of the early 20th century.

"We were so occupied with trying to raise our daughters more like our sons that we probably are only now seeing how much we need to raise our sons more like our daughters - so that both of them can be whole people." - Gloria Steinem

The music to close the Gloria Steinem Interview​:
Cut #  ​​7: "Sweet Devotion"
Composer and Performer: Abdullah Ibrahim  
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