Tuesday October 28, 2014

Halloween 2014: Axing For Trouble

(Megan Tedrow/Flickr)

The darkest WireTap Halloween Special yet! 

Howard takes Jonathan on a trip he will never forget... even if he tries. Plus, a woman struggles to keep her family together during apocalyptic times, and a houseguest reviews their stay in the creepiest home ever.

Featuring Seth Lind, a short story from Diane Cook's great new book, Man V. Nature, and a cameo by Stuart McLean.

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Special music thanks to Socio, toiletrolltube, DJ Chronos and ERH.

Photo credit: Megan Tedrow.

Bonus Web Extra

Creepy telephone B&W

(Craig Forsyth/Flickr)

Special thanks to all our listeners who called in with their own spooky tales.

We ran out of room to play them, but here's a little taste of some of our favourites that didn't make it to air.