Friday October 31, 2014

They Snooze You Lose; They Don't Snooze You Still Lose

'I run up to the operating room and my senior resident is standing next to the patient and he's been up as long as I have. We've both been up for about eighteen, nineteen hours. And he says to me, "I can't keep operating, I'm about to fall asleep in this patient's abdomen.' - Dr. Kaif Pardhan

This special edition of White Coat, Black Art was recorded live as part of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons' International Conference on Residency held in Toronto.

Dr. Brian Goldman hosted a lively panel with the provocative title "Is a Tired Doctor a Safe Doctor?" In the audience were residents, leading physicians and the public.

The voices you'll hear on the panel belong to four experts.

Dr. Najma Ahmed is a surgeon at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and the Residency Program Director for the General Surgery Residency Training Program at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Ahmed helped draft a National Steering Committee report on Resident Duty Hours for the Royal College.‚Äč

Dr. Kaif Pardhan is a fifth year resident in Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto. He is currently Member of the Board of the Canadian Association of Internes and Residents.  Dr. Pardhan also served as the Co-Chair of a Joint Working Group on Resident Hours of Work.

Ronald Pink is a lawyer in Halifax office of Pink Larkin.  In Nova Scotia, he represents a variety of doctors' groups in fee negotiations and collective bargaining.  

Dr. Christopher Parshuram is a critical care specialist in the ICU at the Hospital for Sick Children.  Dr. Parshuram has done research on fatigue in health care workers. 

You can listen to the entire ICRE "Is a Tired Doctor a Safe Doctor?" panel here: