Saturday December 19, 2015

I'll Never Forget You

Our listeners share stories of the doctors, nurses, health care workers and patients that they'll never forget.

Our listeners share stories of the doctors, nurses, health care workers and patients that they'll never forget. (Getty)

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A few weeks ago, we asked you to send us a letter addressed to your favourite health care person -- or your favourite patient. We asked you to tell the story of someone you didn't acknowledge in the moment but never forgot, someone who went above and beyond for or your family. We asked you to start your letter with: Dear ____, I'll never forget you becauseā€¦.

And the floodgates opened. We received dozens of letters of gratitude to that special health care person who touched your life -- and the patients that touched health care workers hearts.  

Dr, Brian Goldman thanks a nurse named Kim 

If you listen regularly to the show, you may remember that Dr. Brian Goldman's mother passed away in September, 2014.  Brian wanted to thank the doctors and the nurses at North York General Hospital who eased the suffering of his mother and who comforted his family.  But there was one nurse named Kim who he wanted to single out for a special thank you.

Never Forget - Heart Transplant

Dr. Heather Ross, Susan, Dr. Vivek Rao, Dr. Mitesh Badiwala, Dr Brian Goldman

Susan thanks the transplant and heart care team at Toronto General Hospital

Susan's husband had heart failure for 15 years before getting a transplant.  Along the way, he received a pacemaker and a mechanical heart called a left ventricular assist device or LVAD.  Susan wanted to visit the Toronto General Hospital and say thank you, in person, to the people who had saved her husband's life. 

Anna thanks her family doctor, Veronique Lepage

So you think doctors don't make house calls in 2015?  Check out this touching letter from Anna Rowley of Halifax thanking her family doctor, Veronique LePage:

Sheelagh thanks Dr. Scarfe for his dance moves

Sheelagh Perry of Edmonton was struggling with a diagnosis of cancer,  when a doctor with outstanding bedside manner...and the dance moves to back it up -- provided her with some much-needed comic relief. 

Frank thanks the nurses at Kenora General Hospital

Frank Hovi of Kenora wrote to thank the nurses who've helped him through his chemotherapy in that small Ontario town:

Rita thanks Winston, her family doctor

Rita Wilson from Caribou River, Nova Scotia had a lot of thank-you's for a shy country doctor named Winston. 

Brenda thanks a brave young mother

A nurse we're calling Brenda was moved to honour a young mother who made the difficult decision to give her newborn baby up for adoption:

Amanda thanks her nurse for helping her deal with her grief

Amanda Ross-White of Kingston, Ontario sent this special thank you to the nurse who  helped acknowledge and cope with the pain of losing twins to stillbirth. 

Susanna thanks an elderly couple who never lost their love for each other

Susanna Heinrich from Davidson, Saskatchewan remembers a cold prairie night in which an elderly couple rekindled their youthful love while living side by side in adjoining rooms at a nursing home.