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Get ready for Lyme disease

Lyme disease is on the rise in Canada. @NightshiftMD tells you what you need to know about it.

'I can't continue to do this forever': Families with children aging out of care seek answers

On June 12, White Coat Black Art hosted a panel called Crisis of Care: Help for Families and their High-Needs Kids as they Age out of the System.

Crisis of care town hall

Catch the broadcast on June 16/17 and June 20.

Canadian hospitals take too long to fix broken hips

Most Canadians get their broken hips fixed beyond the recommended 24-hour window. @NightshiftMD explains what's at stake.

Cake, balloons, goodbye: What happens when your special needs child ages out of the system

The story of Gilly, an 18-year girl with autism and developmental delay on the cusp of aging out of the system – and the parents who are expected to pick up the slack.

Screen all baby boomers for hepatitis C, says new guideline

For the first time in Canada, doctors are recommending testing all baby boomers for hepatitis C. @NightshiftMD says the new guideline will save lives.

'This is not just a case, this is a person': Film hopes to prevent patients from falling through cracks

Greg Price, 31, fatally fell through the cracks of the health-care system. We explore how Greg's story became a film to teach med students, and why some of the best in Canada's TV industry helped bring the film to life.

Paramedics' visits to 911 'hotspots' reduce ambulance calls, study suggests

Paramedic-run clinics in low-income apartments reduce 911 calls & improve the health of the people who live there. @NightshiftMD has the results of a new study.

How music helps rehab patients learn how to move again

Research has revealed that music therapy can improve motor skills in patients with neurological disorder.

All the drama of med school, live on stage

Why a New Jersey dermatologist decided to write a musical about med school ... and the show's journey to the off-Broadway stage.

The 7 most memorable medical moments in musical theatre

Where does Medicine the Musical fit into the cultural pantheon of singing doctors? We've rounded up seven of our favourite medical musical theatre moments.

Astronaut Dr. Bob Thirsk's excellent adventures in space

Dr. Bob Thirsk recalls the challenges of carrying out simple medical procedures in space.

How an injured doctor saved her own life on an Antarctic Cruise

Dr. Lori Regenstreif got more adventure than she bargained for when she signed on to become the medical doctor on an Antarctic cruise ship.

Should number of appointments by family doctors be capped? Medical community weighs in

The British Medical Association thinks general practitioners should put a limit on the number of patients they see in a day. @NightshiftMD wonders if that would fly in Canada.

'I was sobbing uncontrollably': Patients say antidepressants difficult to quit

Patients who've been on antidepressants long-term have reported symptoms from nausea and migraines to "brain zaps" when they try to stop taking the drugs.
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The risk of vaginal birth after C-section

A new Canadian study finds that vaginal birth after C-section carries a somewhat higher risk of complications.

We need to talk about death, say parents of kids with life-limiting illnesses

Parents question why the medical system doesn't include death in their conversations with families, particularly those with "medically fragile" children.
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Here's how to live up to 10 years longer

Five things you can do right now that may add more than a decade to your life. Dr. Brian Goldman, @NightshiftMD has the answers.

Paramedics hone in on 911 'hotspot' buildings to help isolated residents

Toronto paramedics set up regular clinics in buildings that have a high volume of 911 calls in the hopes that a dose of prevention can improve residents' health and reduce the number of non-emergency calls being made. And experts says there's an added benefit: The regular visits improve residents' health by combating loneliness.

Allergy bullying: It's real, and it's dangerous

Kids with life-threatening allergies have a tough time navigating school and activities to keep themselves safe. But they also face the added burden of "allergy bullying”—from the new movie Peter Rabbit to stand-up comics who poke fun at allergies, to their own peers.
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When it comes to antidepressants, getting to zero proves difficult

If you’ve found it nearly impossible to get off antidepressants, you aren’t alone. @NightShiftMD assesses the risk and what to do about it.

Zombies and the CDC: Using the undead to teach emergency preparedness

Maggie Silver tells us about the time that the U.S. Centres for Disease Control almost broke the internet with a disaster-preparedness campaign based on the zombie apocalypse.

Frankenstein 101: What the monster teaches medical students

The 200th anniversary of Frankenstein is being celebrated at Stanford University this year. Anaesthesiologist Audrey Shafer tells us what the Frankenstein story can teach today's doctors.

Students' zombie comics channel the horrors of med school

Dr. Michael Green teaches a comics in medicine course at Penn State University. He says med students create zombie comics as a way of describing the miseries of life as a resident.
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Getting help for burned-out doctors

A new U.S. charter on physician well-being aims to reduce rates of burnout. @NightshiftMD says the health-care system needs some healing too.

Cake, balloons, goodbye: What happens when your special needs child ages out of the system

The story of Gilly, an 18-year girl with autism and developmental delay on the cusp of aging out of the system – and the parents who are expected to pick up the slack.