Sunday March 05, 2017

Indigenous Reads panel discussion on Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson

Listen 14:24

Teenage angst and tricksters are the focus of our latest Indigenous Reads choice. Our radio book club invites you to read along to books written by Indigenous writers. Son of a Trickster is the latest novel from Haida author Eden Robinson. 

We meet Jared - a teen pothead who drinks too much and whose mom is more than a ittle bit crazy. While Jared has to deal with violence and family breakups - he also has a big heart, often taking care of those who have hurt him.

On our panel is: Broadcast journalist David Wiwchar from Port Alberni, B.C.; Tiar Wilson, a journalist who calls Opaskaywayk Cree Nation home; and Monique Woroniak, an ally living on Treaty One territory and a mighty librairian.

Monique Woroniak

Monique Woroniak works as a librarian with the Winnipeg Public Library. (Facebook)

Monique Woroniak

"It's one of those books where a lot of things happen - both internally in the character's heads and what they're going through and just externally. There's a lot of plot points … I felt tired reading it cause I was kind of travelling along with Jared, the main character, the 16-year-old, who goes through so much. Even in the space of 12 hours. He'll go through more than some of us will go through in a week."

David Wiwchar

David Wiwchar is a broadcast journalist in Port Alberni, B.C. (Facebook)

David Wiwchar:

"Growing up in First Nations communities, you'd wake up on mattresses after parties and you know, it was a part of growing up. It wasn't a negative thing back then. And certainly we had a lot of humour about it. A lot of sarcasm, a lot of joking around after. Sure those things are portrayed negatively in a lot of areas of society and there's a lot of negative aspects to it. But when you're a teenager and you're in it, I don't think there's a lot of difference between Native and non-Native communities. You're a party kid, and having fun and joking around and that's what life is when your 15, 16 years old."

Tiar Wilson

Tiar Wilson is a communications specialist and journalist.

Tiar Wilson:

"As we move forward, I think we should more of this kind of writing because a lot of people, like myself and many others out there, are trying to - as they get educated and start to meet other people - they want to live their life more whole, in a better way. When you bring this stuff to light, it gets other people thinking. Son of a Trickster, it's harsh and sometimes reading it hurts but it's done truthful and honestly."