Sunday January 31, 2016

Got Bannock? celebrates three years of feeding Winnipeg's most vulnerable

Got bannock? Althea Guiboche celebrates three years of feeding the hungry 1:27

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A few years ago Althea Guiboche decided she wanted to help fight homelessness in Winnipeg. So she cooked up chili and bannock and hit the streets to serve people living in one of the city's poorest neighbourhoods.

"We worked with honour, and love, with integrity, everybody was connected, everybody belonged and everybody was taken care of — we need to bring that back to society," Guiboche said as she explained the history of indigenous communities.

She has since expanded her efforts, working with a group of volunteers every second Sunday to prepare meals. They call themselves Got Bannock? and Guiboche is known as the Bannock Lady.

althea guiboche

Althea Guiboche also known as the Bannock Lady works to feed the homeless. (Facebook)

Audrey Unger and her family have been volunteering with Got Bannock? for a year. For the Unger family, it's not just about cooking and handing out food.

"We parent our children to be involved in the world around them and to make a difference so that the world is a better place as a result of their presence," Unger said.

"We try to teach them about generosity, about relating to people who are different than they are."

Guiboche believes that Got Bannock? is honouring the way things used to be, or as her slogan states: In honour of the village we once had. 

"The village is the village of our ancestors, when we lived in teepees, we were very connected, everybody lived together," Guiboche said.