Thursday December 07, 2017

Bride wants federal tax credit for weddings over $200,000

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Marie McDaniels is arguing that Canadian weddings that cost over $200,000 should be eligible for a tax credit of 60 per cent with the federal government.

This year, she spent over $250,000 on her Edmonton wedding. But the financial contribution to the economy was much more substantial than that, she argues.

"The impact on the local economy here in Edmonton is undeniable," McDaniels says.

Factoring in the money her guests spent while attending her wedding, McDaniels estimates the total contribution to the community to be upwards of $600,000.

But she doesn't want a tax credit for all weddings. Just for those over $200,000, which she believes will inspire people to have bigger weddings.

And the impact won't just be for the economy, she says.

"Economics aside, what we did for the spirit of this city—because we gave them something to hope for—you can't put a price on that."

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