In the spring of 2017, This Is That Video made its triumphant return with six new videos that satirized everything from social media influencers to comic conventions; emotional viral videos to the "sharing economy." One of the stand out videos was based on a classic This Is That radio story about a youth soccer league removing the ball to eliminate the negative effects of competition - the video version garnered over 10 million views online. 


Every Comic Convention Panel Ever

New app, MeatMeet, allows strangers to swap leftover meat

To ensure every child 'wins', Washington athletic association removes ball from soccer


Family of social media influencers spend 100+ hours a week staging their life

Finally, an athletic apparel commercial that reflects the workout habits of real people 

Written and Directed by:
Peter Oldring
Pat Kelly
Chris Kelly

Cinematography by:
Liam Mitchell
Joseph Schweers

Produced by:
Lauren Bercovitch

Edited by:
Chris Kelly
Ryan Anderson

Executive Producers:
Peter Oldring
Pat Kelly
Chris Kelly