Thursday July 07, 2016

Saskatchewan government to teach teens how to kiss

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[Originally broadcast on Sept. 24, 2015]

Few issues divide public opinion as sharply as the question of sex education in schools. And while educators and parents argue over how much information young people need to stay healthy, the province of Saskatchewan is going one step further by including a controversial guide that teaches teens how to be good kissers.

"Learning how to be a good kisser will set our teens up for success later in life." - Leanne Rielhuck, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

In her interview with Pat Kelly, the director of the kissing program, Leanne Rielhuck stated: "Our study shows that unemployment rates are directly related to kissing."

When asked if she sympathized with disapproving parents, Rielhuck responded by saying: "No, these kids are going to kiss no matter what and it is better that the government of Saskatchewan teaches them how to do it properly."

Click listen to hear her explain the types of kisses that will be taught as part of the program.

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