Thursday October 05, 2017

Ottawa defends spending millions on secret 'rage room' for MPs

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Taxpayer dollars have been used to construct a $2.4 million "rage room" for Canada's agitated Members of Parliament, according to a recently leaked government budget report that was confirmed by House of Commons spokesperson Randy Grendel.

"Let me tell you about the rage room and why it's so important to have on Parliament Hill," Grendel told This Is That. He described how the government has constructed an extremely large, reinforced room stocked with outdated electronics, breakable household items, and an array of blunt objects, which provides an outlet for Canadian MPs to vent their frustrations.

"After a very stressful day on the Hill, an MP is able to go down into this rage room and relieve stress by taking a mallet and smashing an iPad," said Grendel. "Or by throwing an axe through a Smart car."

Construction began on the "rage room" after a secret vote in the House of Commons was held. An overwhelming majority, 330 MPs, voted in favour. Interestingly, the eight votes against all came from the New Democratic Party.

To find out more about how the Canadian government justifies spending $2.4 million on a secret "rage room," listen to the full interview.