Wednesday January 22, 2014

Washington state couple chooses to raise their child species-less

Listen 4:57

In an interview with This is That, Gabriel Roberts discussed his and his wife's decision to allow their child, Echo, to choose for itself what species it is. Mr. Roberts believes that a hands-off approach is the best way of raising children and that kids should be allowed to make their own decisions about their taxonomic rank.  

"If Echo wants to be a human, that's fine, but it's not my job as a parent to tell it that it is."

Gabriel Roberts, father 

"My parents told me I was human and they were told the same by their parents ... it's time to break the cycle," said Roberts.

Listen to the interview in its entirety to learn more about how the Roberts are raising their child and what species Echo thinks it is. 

Thanks to listener Matt Kuzyk for tipping us off on this story.