Thursday July 14, 2016

If you thought hot-headed hockey parents were bad, wait until you meet this orchestra dad

(AFP/Getty Images)

[Originally broadcast on Oct. 22/24, 2015]

They say music has has the ability to calm even the most cantankerous of people. For Dean Morris however, music seems to have the opposite effect.  Morris is an "orchestra dad," known in Winnipeg music circles for having a temper.  He is just one of a growing number of orchestra parents who are resorting to aggressive behaviour to help their children succeed.  

"My kid is the best musician in his orchestra and will play for the New York Philharmonic one day," says Morris. "If I have to raise my voice because others are holding us back or getting in our way ... then I will!"

Peter Oldring has produced this documentary which examines the reasons behind the growing number of belligerent orchestra parents like Morris.

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