Monday August 28, 2017

National Museum to allow high school kids to complete unfinished Group of 7 paintings

Listen 5:10

With their iconic works depicting the rugged beauty of the Canadian landscape, the Group of Seven were the first to put Canadian art on the international map. Recently, the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa announced a controversial project that aims to create a dialogue between the Group of Seven and a new generation of Canadian artists. The project will allow high school students to complete unfinished Group of Seven paintings.

"We had all these unfinished works just sitting in storage," says museum director Roland Kreisel. "It makes sense to let high school kids finish them!"

When asked if he thought the project diminishes the cultural value of the paintings, Kreisel responded by saying,"Absolutely not. I think the Group of 7 would be honoured to know kids were finishing their work."

Listen to the interview to find out how you can potentially collaborate with some of Canada's most revered artists.