Thursday November 02, 2017

Uphill battle for Fort McMurray's only nudist oil company

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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According to recent statistics, Fort McMurray is one of Canada's most diverse cities. But the conservative culture of most oil companies has kept one group on the fringes of the industry.

Until 2015, clothes were the dominant attire for all Canadian oil companies. That was until the launch of Stark-Petro, Canada's first entirely nudist-owned and operated oil company.

This is That's Peter Oldring travelled to Fort McMurray to speak with the CEO of Stark-Petro, Simon Auckerman, and to find out how the new company is doing.

"All my life I've had two passions: The oil business and being a nudist," Auckerman said. For him, combining his lifelong interests was only natural.

But things haven't been straightforward for the young company, which has faced lots of criticism.

Stark-Petro is now bidding on a huge contract to build a pipeline in Manitoba.

To find out if they win the contract, and how a naked 48-year-old man operates an excavator during winter in northern Alberta, listen to the full story.