Wednesday November 01, 2017

New comic book stars baby boomer with super powers

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"Boomerman" is a new comic book that captures the thrilling stories and exciting challenges facing the often underrepresented generation known as baby boomers.

This Is That's Peter Oldring sat down with the creator of the series, Darryl Misker, to find out how and why the 65-year-old superhero has become so wildly popular.

Misker created the comic book in response to what he perceives as a media gap in content about and for baby boomers. Through the comic book, Misker hopes to bring baby boomers back from the margins of Canadian culture.

"Boomerman is a character from my imagination," Misker said. "He's a 65-year-old guy from Oakville, Ontario." After being electrocuted while using an ATM, he gets superpowers.

"He can harness the power of the 1960s through a psychedelic beam in his finger, he's very strong, he's very handsome, he can make hair grow out of any part of his body, and he can bore people to death with stories about his investments," Misker said.

Misker is hoping that his comic book will prove to society that even though the baby boomers are aging, they're not irrelevant: "Although he's not 18 years old anymore, he can still kick some butt. "

Through Boomerman, Misker is introducing an audience to the often forgotten boomer culture: "You know, the Beatles, Woodstock, the Rolling Stones."

To find out more about Boomerman, and his arch nemesis, Millenium, listen to the full story.