Thursday July 21, 2016

Australian politician says use of the word 'Canadian' as derogatory term will no longer be tolerated

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[Originally broadcast on Oct. 29/31, 2015]

Canadians may be surprised to learn that the term "Canadian" actually has a negative connotation in the country of Australia. Nobody's entirely sure when it began, but at least since the late 70's, when an Australian wants to belittle another, they will call them a "Canadian."

'It's pretty harsh to be called a 'Canadian' here.' - Danny King, Australian Minister of Cultural Heritage

This week, Danny King, the minister of cultural heritage in Australia appeared on This is That to announce his country will be putting an end to this long standing practice.

"The word 'Canadian' has hundreds of horrible, filthy and offensive connotations in our country, and it's time we put a stop to it," said King.

"Canadians deserve better. From now on if we want to call something 'stupid' we will just use the word 'stupid'."

Listen to his interview to learn about some of the different uses of the term "Canadian."

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