Wednesday December 11, 2013

Watchdog deems phrase 'Happy Holidays' extremely offensive

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Ms. Coyle says that just because it is December, it doesn't give people the right to spew offensive phrases at others. (iStockPhoto)

As the Holidays approach, with them brings the confusion over what is the politically correct way to give someone a seasonal greeting. Many employers have adopted the policy of banning the phrase "Merry Christmas" and instead encourage employees to offer the more universal greeting of "Happy Holidays".  Well, according to the watchdog group The Canadian Association Alliance, the phrase 'Happy Holidays" should also be recognized as offensive.

In her interview with Pat Kelly, spokesperson for the CAA, Sharon Coyle said:

"First off, to assume someone is actually happy is obscenely offensive. Secondly, to speculate that a person is on holiday is equivalent to slapping them in the face."

To hear what Sharon Coyle suggests you use as a seasonal greeting instead click LISTEN.

We'd like to credit listener Jordan Andrew for the tipping us off to this story.

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