Monday August 28, 2017

Canada's funniest political speech writer reveals his secret to success

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Winston Churchill once said, "Politics is not a game, but a serious business." Of course, when Churchill said that, he was forgetting the crucial role humour plays in humanizing politicians. When Ottawa's top politicians need to pepper their speeches with top notch zingers and jaw-dropping puns they turn to one man: Roy Kermit, widely regarded as the funniest political speech writer in Canada.

In this piece we visit Kermit to learn the secret behind his creative process.

"Writing funny speeches has always come naturally to me," says Kermit, "laughs equal votes, and I am proud to play a huge/hilarious part of the political process."

Click 'listen' to hear some of Kermit's most hysterical jokes.