Thursday October 26, 2017

Rioting ensues after town loses 'Sweetest Corn in Ontario' contest

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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In 2011, the town of Hilmont, Ontario lost the 'Sweetest corn in Ontario' contest. What followed were 24 hours of brutal riots that led to dozens of arrests and a five-year competition ban.

This year, Hilmont is finally eligible to compete in the contest again. This Is That's Katie Crown was there to witness what happened.

"A mob has just shattered the front window of the supermarket. And they're now chanting the word 'corn'," said a news reporter from the 2011 riots. "They're pelting the police with what looks like Molotov corncobs."

This from a quiet town of 25,000—which, after losing a regional corn contest, managed to cause over $1 million in damage.

One man even reported seeing the town's priest lighting a police car on fire.

But five years have passed since those incidents occurred. The town of Hilmont is now allowed to compete in the 'Sweetest corn in Ontario' contest once again.

To find out how the town fares in the contest, and if they've changed their tune in respect rioting, listen to the full story.