Thursday October 26, 2017

Grey Cup to be renamed 'Canada's Big Concert'

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Canadian football fans were shocked this week when the CFL announced that after 100 years of their championship being known as the Grey Cup, they will be renaming it this year to 'Canada's Big Concert.'

This Is That's Peter Oldring spoke about the changes with CFL spokesperson Mason Koehl.

Koehl claims that young Canadians are no longer interested in watching football during the Grey Cup—which has seen its ratings steadily drop over the last decade—but observed that people were still tuning in for the half-time show.

That's when Koehl came up with the idea. "Why don't we reframe the way that we present the Grey Cup, and not make it so much focused on the football, but rather on the entertainment?"

Anticipating criticism, Koehl points out that a football match will still occur during 'Canada's Big Concert.'

"The football game still exists and those who are football aficionados will still get to watch their match," he said. "But it's now the secondary focus of the event."

Instead, viewers of this year's Grey Cup will be treated to a six-hour musical extravaganza featuring all of Canada's top acts. Sandwiched between these performances, a football match is set to take place.

To find out more about how the Grey Cup is transitioning into 'Canada's Big Concert' listen to the full story.