Thursday October 06, 2016

Ontario busted for 'staging' provincial parks with fake trees to make them more Instagrammable


Listen 5:27

With 334 provincial parks and 295 conservation reserves, Ontario is a nature lover's dream come true. It's no wonder, then, that many Ontarians reacted angrily to last week's news that Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources had installed artificial trees and AstroTurf in several provincial parks. Ministry spokesperson David Curtis appeared on This is That to discuss this unusual decision.

"We live in the era social media, we need to make sure photos posted online of our parks look amazing" said Curtis.

"Staging a few key areas to guarantee visitors have that Instagramable moment is the only way we can ensure visitors will come back."   

Listen to our interview with Mr. Curtis to learn why he does not feel any regret about this decision.