Thursday November 30, 2017

Britain upset that their new Canadian embassy located in former PetSmart

Petsmart store facade with people crossing street

Petsmart store facade with people crossing street (Getty Images)

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In an international conflict that's being called 'Embassy-Gate,' the British government is accusing the government of Canada of purposefully providing them with an inadequate building for their new embassy.

This is That's Pat Kelly talked with Randall Shelton, an employee of Britain's Canadian embassy, about being relocated to a former PetSmart in a suburb outside of Ottawa.

"Nepean is civilization's end," said Shelton of their new location. "It's certainly nowhere the British government ever needs to be."

The new British embassy is located in a large parking lot that neighbours some big box stores, a CIBC bank, a drive-thru Starbucks, and a Denny's restaurant.

"The Starbucks drive-thru is the only thing that's keeping us going right now," said Shelton.

He cites many examples for why the building isn't suited to be the location of an embassy, like: "The ripe smell of animals, urination stains on the floor … remnants of the store are still in there including shelving, cash registers, bits of kibble about the floor, and only one restroom."

For these reasons, Shelton believes the government of Canada is trying to humiliate the British government: "There can be no other explanation. There's absolutely no logic to the point that anyone in their right mind would believe that a former PetSmart could make a suitable embassy for anyone—not even Australia."

Listen to the full story to find out how Britain plans to respond to the move.