Wednesday December 05, 2012

Alberta energy company to use airplanes instead of pipeline to transport oil


Vancaltor will use the CL-215 to transport crude, a plane commonly used to fight forest fires. (GABRIEL LIZON/CPIMAGES)

From Keystone XL to the Northern Gateway project, one of the most contentious topics in Canada today is pipelines. However, one Alberta energy company believes that they have come up with a creative way to avoid having to use this method of oil transport ever again: Earlier this week Vancaltor Crude announced that they will begin using CL-215 air-crafts to transport unrefined bitumen out of Northern Alberta.

According to Vancaltor spokesperson John Beltrane, "Everybody is against using pipelines but no one is offering any alternatives. We did, and this is it."

Earlier today Peter Oldring spoke with Mr. Beltrane to learn more about this endeavor.

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We want to know what you think: Is transporting crude oil via airplane a suitable alternative to the pipeline? How do you think Alberta should transport oil out of the province? Let us know by tweeting us your idea using the hashtag #pipelinesolution or by calling our talk back line: 1-877-563-2442.


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